4 successful ways to build customer loyalty

There are many benefits to creating a loyal customer base. First of all, studies have shown that repeat customers are likely to spend much more money than brand-new customers. Plus, if you don’t need to acquire many new customers, advertising costs will be lower, as it is always easier to convince existing customers to repeat their purchase than to attract new customers. In fact, according to another study, it costs up to 7 times more money to attract new clients than connecting with current ones. That’s not all, loyal customers will most probably become your brand advocates and do free word-of-mouth marketing for you by suggesting your offerings to their friends. Therefore, regardless of company size, customer loyalty is essential to survive in the long-term. Think about applying some of the following strategies, if you want to build a loyal customer community.

1. Make your customers feel special

Beyond any doubt, every company now is aware that communication is vital. However, making it customized is as important as communicating frequently to keep your brand fresh in customers’ minds. Ideas for customized communication are countless: sending birthday messages, discount codes, informing your customers about a new product… Now you are probably wondering how can you actually get your customers’ contact details. Gamification, when it is implemented right and when it includes signing up, is one way to set up a database of customers consisting of personal information such as name, age, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers. All that is left for you is to leverage this valuable information.

2. Give your customers something a little extra

Since customers always appreciate some extra perks, it is a good idea to offer them some incentives. Once again, gamification can be a great way to do this. By using gamification, you can reward the highest-ranked or most loyal customers. Starbucks’s loyalty program is a great example of this. With this program, customers earn a star for every purchase of coffee and once they collect 10 stars, they can have a free drink. This strategy turns the coffee purchase experience into a game with the ultimate goal of earning a free coffee. Gamification will encourage your customers to engage more with your brand and become even more loyal to it. A second example of offering your customers more value is to share your expertise and give them advice on how to use your product. You can offer your knowledge by creating educational content for customers and be a trustworthy source in their eyes. Lastly, providing fun and customized promotional gifts together with the actual product will extend the customer journey. This journey will go further than the moment of purchase and customers will engage with the brand even longer.

3. Emphasize the values you and your customers share: be sustainable

Listening to your customers is the best way to learn what they want. This will help you to meet their demands in the best way possible. You can start by caring what your customers care about to create some kind of emotional connection. As we discussed in another blog post, today’s customers are ready to pay more for sustainable brands and are not afraid of punishing non-sustainable ones. Therefore, it is a good idea to emphasize your sustainability efforts and look for ways to make your company and your product greener. This environment-friendly attitude should also apply to your communication. There are many ways to be sustainable, you just need to start somewhere. Think about your supply chain. Are your suppliers also respectful of the environment? What about the material you use? Is it recyclable or biodegradable? Customers appreciate every single effort made for a better future.

4. Be innovative, there is nothing worse than being ordinary

With today’s excessive marketing, customers have become tired of seeing similar campaigns, outdated methods, and boring advertising. They want to be reached in a different, fun and creative way. Forget about the marketing strategies that everyone has been using and be different. It is time to try something creative and stand out from the crowd! Start by making your customer communication more playful. Moreover, did you know that people remember messages better when they’re playing and having fun?

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