5 reasons to choose FromScratch for your next activation

1) A team that listens

At FromScratch, we believe that the path to customers’ hearts lies through our ears. Therefore, our team listens to you carefully to serve your needs and wants perfectly. This allows us to offer relevant, useful and adapted solutions for your business with maximum efficiency.

2) 100% personalized service

Who doesn’t love a personal touch, right?

Thanks to our creative and dynamic team that always manages to come up with new and personalized ideas, we help you to stand out from the crowd with unique products.

“My collaboration with FromScratch has been constructive, creative and very stimulating. […]

 Stephany Bizard
Sales manager from Futuroscope

3) Hybrid Solutions

Although print will always be a classic, the importance of digital communication trends in today’s society cannot be underestimated. Therefore, you don’t have to choose only one of them!

We can create meaningful interactions through two channels; digital and print, and offer you the best of both worlds through a unique hybrid solution.

4) Sustainable solutions

Regardless of your business, you should continuously invest in customer experience in order to encourage your customers to repeat purchases. One way to do this is giving out gifts. However, there is no room for plastic goodies anymore since consumers’ interests for sustainable products is growing rapidly.

This is why we offer you sustainable and durable solutions while keeping the interactions fun and innovative at the same time!

“+ 104% sales during the in-store activation”
Pritt / Henkel

5) Increase brand awareness

How familiar is your target with your brand? Brand awareness is one of the main factors that drives customers’ decisions when distinguishing between brands. It is vital to raise brand awareness and share your company’s values to boost your sales.

Together we build a strong relationship between your brand and your customers through powerful interactions and communication.

Who said you have to choose between print and digital?
Coralie: My first weeks at FromScratch