Activations and campaigns

As young professionals between 25 and 35, at FromScratch we feel like a company’s marketing and communication shouldn’t be deaf to current challenges. This means companies and brands should pay attention to their environmental and social impact, that they should offer authenticity and truth and share fun moments.

How to make this happen?

At FromScratch we help you define your purpose and your values, and then we help you share these thanks to games and stories. We create a universe for you, and games, all developed from scratch, in order to create interactions between your brand and your target group.

Of course, in order to comply with our eco- friendly values, we will make sure to advise you on the means you want to use and their environmental impact.


  • By choosing us, you are choosing a sustainable way of communicating
  • Thanks to us, you share a positive and fun message that will increase the engagement of your target audience
  • You will be able to measure and evaluate the interactions that our games will generate