Coralie: My first weeks at FromScratch

It’s been three weeks since I arrived in Belgium! My missions here at FromScratch will be to help Manon with the French market.

My name is Coralie, and I seize this opportunity in order to complete my French Master’s Degree in Management and International Trade. After studying for one year in Canada, I wanted to be closer to home this time.

I already did an internship in Brussels two years ago, so the environment is quite familiar to me. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a friend of mine from College is also doing her internship with FromScratch! It’s during times like these that you have the impression that it’s a small world! ?

FromScratch experience

The first week flew by very fast because I had a lot to learn! On my first day, there was a Welcome Lunch for me and two other new interns. This was the perfect occasion to get to know the team of FromScratch. Then I still had a lot to discover on this first week: working methods, habits, previous clients, products and so on.

I was also very happy to witness good synergy and atmosphere between the team members. The fact that every member wants to see the company growing and succeeding, in my opinion, is enough as a source of motivation!

What I like about FromScratch

I really enjoy working here at FromScratch. On one hand, I have enough autonomy on how I manage my time, and on the other, I know there is always someone to answer my questions if I need it.

I also appreciate the fact that my tasks are diverse enough. Of course, there are some recurrent ones, but thanks to all the projects we are working on, there is always something new to learn!

I can’t wait to be more comfortable with the clients and be able to take more initiatives! I am really glad to be of assistance to FromScratch for these few upcoming months!

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