How to make your brand stand out

Giveaways and goodies are still a great way to reach your clients. They increase the overall experience and brand awareness. After all, who doesn’t like free stuff, right? However, when people receive a bag full of trivial goodies after an event, many of these won’t even make it home. If you have attended an event lately, I am sure you can relate.

We all have a stuffed bag full of similar goodies somewhere in the deep back of our closet. Guess what? None of us want to receive the same item for the 10th time. Do you know what we hate the most? When we go to a fair or event and all we receive are lanyards. You know, those things you need to hang around your neck and then you can attach your keys to them? We have so many of them at the office and we don’t want to throw them away, but no one ever uses them!

This actually means your goodies don’t reach their goal at all: they are a waste of money and resources. Not to mention the high impact on the environment from all this waste! If you don’t want your gifts to end up in the nearest bin, here is some advice:

Meet your customers’ expectations

It is always essential to meet customer expectations in order to survive in the industry. Yet, you are not alone. There is a vast sea of competitors who actively try to interact with their customers as well. Consequently, today’s customers have been exposed to so many marketing strategies and promotions that they have become more selective and critical.

Moreover, giving out promotional goodies is no longer a new thing. It is old news for your customers since everyone has been receiving similar items at any event or fair. This makes things harder for businesses as it is more difficult to draw attention to your product. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t make goodies exciting, original and attractive. You just have to make sure you’re not lost in the crowd, but stand out from it and go even further.

Customers expect brands to be more creative than ever and the best way to do so is not to do more but to do it differently. By being innovative and different you will capture the attention of your customers and spark their curiosity. It will also allow you to discover new opportunities and beat the competition.

Discover all your options for your next promotion

After all of this, it comes as no surprise that you need to put more effort into being original for your next promotion and stop doing what everyone else is doing. You must make sure that you discover all your options. Thinking about a key chain for your next promotion? We all have dozens of keychains lying around somewhere at home. Stress balls? They are stressing everyone out lately! Or plastic goodies? Long live the garbage!

Dated, tedious and polluting goodies aren’t doing you, me or the environment any good. Therefore, you should always stay curious and look for solutions that are innovative, environmentally friendly and useful.

Discover some other fun, meaningful and sustainable options with FromScratch!

Dare to be different with FromScratch

Here, at FromScratch, we believe that print solutions never go out of style. All you have to do is keep them fresh, fun and customized. This is why we offer tailor-made solutions to differentiate you from your competitors.

Our fun products might be the ideal answer to the question of ‘What did you bring me?’ that people get from their children when they arrive home. This is one way to make sure your promotional goodies find their way home. Another way is to place QR codes on these goodies and give a reason to your customers to keep it longer. There are many others. Finding the right one for your event requires strategy and planning which we take care of.

In order to give you all the chances of succeeding, we provide not only print but also digital and hybrid solutions that are innovative, last longing and creative. Moreover, unlike plastic goodies, our solutions are environment-friendly.

Contact us to make your next promotion remarkable!

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