Living in the era of “Reality 2.0”

Unlike virtual reality, which allows you to inhabit an entirely virtual environment, Augmented Reality (AR) uses your existing environment and simply overlays virtual information on top of it. You have surely experienced the “Pokémon Go” fever in 2016 when the streets suddenly became full of people that were chasing Pokémons. This new technology that blurs the line between what’s real and what’s digitally generated, is the powerful result of a harmony created between the virtual world and the real world, integrating graphics from your screen into the real-world environment.

Social networks such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and more are using Augmented Reality as a new technological expression with the purpose of taking you into this 2.0 reality but also to erase the human-machine boundary. Augmented Reality is an excellent way to build a bridge between the virtual world and the world of books, redefining both in the process.

And this is where FromScratch’s journey into the second version of reality starts

We developed a project that made use of this augmented reality for Capri-Sun France. The animations we created allow kids to bring their favorite fruit or movie characters printed on the page, to life. The free download of Blippar on any device turns physical book space into a virtual experience. In A.R all characters are alive on your screen… or better said, on your sofa.

Check how it works here:

Our Time at the DMEXCO fair
Marie's first month as an intern

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