Maëva : the beginning of my “FromScratch” adventure

My impression during these first 3 weeks of my internship at FromScratch? Positive and definitely promising. But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Maëva and I recently celebrated my 21st birthday at the office. I am a student from Strasbourg, France and I am doing this internship for 3 and a half months to gain experience and pass my bachelor’s in international economics and management.

How did this Belgian adventure begin?

After the end of my previous internship in Germany in a large multinational company, I wanted to experience something totally different. Of course, I learned a lot from this first company and had access to many benefits. However, the very “corporate” universe meant that the impact that an intern could have was extremely limited, so it was not easy to get a seat at the table, and I could feel that neither my opinion nor my work really mattered.

So, this time around, I focused my research on start-ups and was able to get an interview with Lisanne and Colienne. We clicked straight away. I felt that it was a young, positive, and enthusiastic team genuinely interested to work with me. This feeling has only been confirmed since my arrival.

What am I doing at FromScratch?

I am mainly responsible for helping the development of the German market and supporting the various projects.

From day 1 I have been well guided, but I also understood the huge autonomy they would grant me in this journey. The involvement in the life of the team and the company is fast and happens naturally. Each project is a real team effort, so I have been immediately involved in projects. For instance, I have already written content for projects with Brussels Environment and Quick as well as posted on social media.

My main expectations are already met. This internship makes sense to me because of the organization and of the values of the company and because I am aware of the concrete skills that I acquire all along. I really appreciate this along with working in a positive and creative environment. I know that I will come out of this experience with boosted energy and motivation. I cannot wait to continue!

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