Marie went to an Augmented Reality Conference in Paris

On the 6th of November, I went to a conference on Augmented Reality organized by Netineo in the Oath building in Paris. Oath: is part of Verizon Communications, which owns several digital companies such as AOL and Yahoo. Not only was this a beautiful location at Boulevard Haussman in Paris, but the conference itself was very interesting, too. It opened up so many possibilities for the future.

Some of the speakers at the conference

During 2 hours, multiple speakers told us about the possibilities of Augmented Reality. Every one of them insisted on two things: the importance of creating a true experience, and storytelling. This is something we believe in at FromScratch as well, as we always propose a personalized experience to all our clients, based on storytelling. Jean-François Chiaretta, CEO de Augment, has developed his own AR application. He works with Coca-Cola, Darty, Unilever, among others. His goal is to bring together the physical and virtual reality in a transparent way: his application shows objects integrated into the physical reality. Because they appear life-size, AR can be used to enhance the buying process, making it easier and faster. Before buying a couch, for example, one could use the application to see what it would look like in their living room. Two speakers from Ryot talked about their future projects. For them, the experience is essential as well, since this is key to making people memorize information. According to Edgar Dale, people remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, and 90% of what they experience. With this in mind, they have created a type of glasses that allow a player to experience mixed and virtual reality. Using these glasses, they have for example created an experience that allows people to relive the experience of landing on the moon, in collaboration with the movie “First Man”.

The experience

Before the conference started, I had the opportunity to try these glasses from Ryot on. They transported me right into another world, where my physical reality was mixed with virtual reality.  Right before me appeared a virtual wooden construction with a little green pig, which seemed to be part of my actual environment, and  I could play Angry Birds in a completely new and realistic way!

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality adds a magical touch to the physical world and can provide clever solutions to interact in new ways with the surrounding reality. As Jean-Baptiste Chiaretta indicated, AR can simplify the buying process, helping people to visualize an object in their actual environment before buying it. With the arrival of smartphones and the internet, everyone can produce content and the consumer has way more power than they used to have. This is why the relationship between brands and their consumers has to be transformed. Soon, 5G will arrive, which will only enhance the performance of existing networks and everyone will be even more connected than they are today. At the moment, Augmented Reality is not used that often yet, but soon there will be a boom that will fundamentally impact the way we interact with the world. Brands need to take advantage of this, which is why we at FromScratch offer the possibility to interact with our content both on paper and digitally. What is the added value of AR? There is more than one: it adds interest, it allows for personalization, and it is really fun, of course! There are a lot of useful applications for AR, but for us, the fun side will always be the core of the experience.  

Marie's first month as an intern
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