Marie’s first month as an intern

It feels like yesterday, but no, it has already been over a month since I’ve started working at FromScratch as an intern! Time flies, it will be January before I know and then I’ll already have to leave.

How it started

I met Colienne, our CEO, by accident, at an event at my University in Louvain-La-Neuve. We talked, and her enthusiasm was contagious. She gave me her business card, and as soon as I got home, I did some research on FromScratch and what it could offer me. I decided to send a motivation letter. I eagerly hoped for a positive reply and luckily, I didn’t have to wait long: the same day, Colienne invited me to come by for an interview. During the interview, she seemed genuinely interested, and I think she could feel right away that I was extremely motivated to learn as much as possible from her. After I got the news that I would be allowed to do my internship at FromScratch, the months until I could finally start, crept by. I felt like a child on its first day of school! The first obstacle: remembering everyone’s name. But as soon as that was over with, the days have flown by. Right from the start, I felt that my opinion and ideas were valued by the rest of the team.

My experience

In little over a month, I have accomplished so much and gotten a very positive response to my work. During my first days, for example, I have mostly worked on the finishing touches of the book we did for the Open MR of Sint-Pieters-Woluwe. I was to reread the texts and make sure there were no mistakes before we sent them to the printer. I feel like I have made a very valuable contribution to that project, and the client appreciated my work very much as well. They wrote to us: “Could you make sure to thank Marie, who checked all of the texts? She did an amazing job of rereading everything and thanks to her there will not be one mistake in the book. She has a very strong work ethos already!”. Such a positive reaction means the world as a beginning intern, of course. Additionally, I have helped my colleagues with projects for their clients by finding all sorts of creative ideas. These have received positive responses as well. I can’t explain everything I’ve been doing in detail, of course, but I would say I have had the opportunity to contribute to a lot of different aspects of the business. I am learning so much, on all aspects of work life, from professionals who like what they’re doing. I am looking forward to seeing what these next few months will bring!

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