Mihaela’s first weeks

It’s been two weeks since I started my internship at FromScratch. It seems to me like it was only yesterday I had my first day, the days flew by really fast! I learned a lot during this time with the help of the greatest team ever. They always put a smile on my face and give the best advice.

My name is Mihaela, I live in France, and I am in my last year of Master’s degree in International Business. I joined FromScratch as an intern responsible for the Spanish market thanks to the various experiences I had in Spanish-speaking countries (Mexico and Spain), that have allowed me a good grasp of the language.

Cultural differences can be found even a few miles away :

I found my internship just two weeks before starting the job, making my move to Brussels quite abrupt and unexpected. I have been quite lucky, however, to find a room on such short notice and close to the office, at that!

Although Belgium is really close to France, cultural differences can already be felt even from such a short distance. By cultural differences, I mostly mean more linguistic differences as I haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing Belgian culture at its finest. There are expressions that are different and can take some time to get used to, but overall comprehension levels are good.

What is more difficult and also interesting though, is the mix of Flemish and French (Walloons). It is so surprising to see two different languages and cultures coexisting together and making it work as a country. The recent elections, though, are another story altogether. The electoral system is so complicated and elaborate that it took some time to understand the basis of how it works. On this front, the two sides of Belgium – the Flemish and the Walloons – are very well separated.

My experience at FromScratch:

During my first training days to become a full-fledged sales-person, I already found my first project. It was a call for tenders for the French market, whose deadline was quite close, but we decided to take up the challenge and do it! I learned a lot during this project on team dynamics, and also on the principles of the company. The pressure was on at this point, but I think that everything went fine and we are currently waiting for a response from the project initiator in France.

The deadline for the project was two days ago, and in a few days I will be participating in another project, this time for the Spanish market.

It is extremely gratifying to feel needed and be useful to the team and to the company and to be able to bring my own added value to the projects I will be working on.

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