My first month at FromScratch – Vivienne

Moving to Brussels

On the 27th of August 2018, I started my internship at FromScratch. After spending 5 months in Taiwan, 1 month back in the Netherlands, I was moving again. And this time to Brussels, to work for over 5 months as an intern at FromScratch. Moving went pretty smoothly and I live relatively close to work (1 hour of travel time per day). My internship is 40 hours per week for 21 weeks. A pretty big switch from the normal student life from before. The first 2 weeks were the most difficult because I was getting used to my new schedule. Getting up early every morning and leaving the office around 17:30 every day was a big switch. However, now that over a month has passed it feels like the new normal. My colleagues at FromScratch are so nice and made me feel very welcome from the first day on. FromScratch works closely with publishing house Caramel and the contact with them is also very nice! At the end of my first week, another intern joined the team: Marie. She is here for the same amount of time and we work next to each other.

A multilingual team

The team is very mixed and therefore 3 languages are spoken at the office: French, English, and Dutch. This might not sound very easy considering FromScratch is a small company with not that many employees. However, everyone makes an effort to try and understand each other, and sometimes things are explained in multiple languages to make sure everyone can understand!

My tasks as an intern

So what do I do at FromScratch? Since I am a communication student (and communication is very broad) I have many different tasks. I am of Dutch origin and therefore am helping FromScratch to develop the Dutch market. At the same time, I’m also conducting research on the Dutch market for FromScratch as part of a project for my university. I write and translate blog posts, contact prospects, maintain the company’s LinkedIn profile, file new illustrators, join meetings with clients and I have even joined them on a conference and expo in Germany for 2 days. I also help with coming up with new ideas for projects. This is mostly a team effort. That is one of the best things about FromScratch to me: everyone is involved in almost everything and everyone’s opinion is valued. At some companies, you might not feel that valuable or important as an intern. But this is definitely not the case at FromScratch. As you can read I already have done quite a lot in the first month, however, this is just the beginning and I still have till the end of January before I go back to the Netherlands again… I’m excited for the coming months!  

Marie ging naar een Augmented Reality conferentie
FromScratch on La Une

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