A successful marketing strategy is key in the survival and the growth of a company. Yet, taking into consideration today’s market’s fast-paced rhythm, sometimes developing a solid strategy for the target market can prove to be a challenge. This is why at FromScratch we offer consulting services for the kids and family market.

FromScratch specializes in the kids and family market. Like any other market, it is ever-changing. The traditional “nuclear” family seems to fade away in favor of the new modern family where there are same-sex parents, stay-at-home dads and multiracial parents. Therefore, FromScratch helps you to face the challenge of this diversified market and provides solutions for any particularity!

What’s the range of our consulting services?

We offer a wide range of services: from providing creative ideas on how to promote your product or service, defining your yearly strategy, or simply offering our expertise on your existing marketing strategy to providing you with trends of the kids and family market.

Why opt for our consulting services though? What are the key benefits of using such a method instead of developing the strategy by yourself?

Instant solutions

First of all, you have access to instant solutions for your marketing campaign and marketing plans. It is our job to dedicate all of our time towards researching and presenting you with the best option possible for your business and strategy. This way, you and your team can concentrate on other more urgent tasks that call for your attention.

An objective view

Oftentimes, having an outsider’s perspective can be really helpful. Being biased, or simply being too close to the issue sometimes prevents us from having an objective opinion or a more global point of view. Thus, having an external point of view can help gauge the direction that needs to be taken and also spot the issues right away. This allows for to-the-point and effective solutions.

Effective feedback

Furthermore, discussing with a consultant can also provide effective feedback on ideas and can even help gain more information on market trends and best practices. At FromScratch we specialize in communications towards families and kids. That’s why we can provide insight into effective means of communication directed towards this target market.

A Creative Strategy

We are a creative group at FromScratch. Implementing a creative strategy is one of the ways you could stand out from the crowd and make a difference! What we focus on is creating meaningful interactions. This is why we are dedicated to listening to our clients and offering a personalized and creative solution to every problem you may encounter.