Digital Solutions

Nowadays technology is everywhere. It is now easier than ever before to travel, consume, work and communicate. However, some may fear that the rise of digital content threatens tangible supports and will slowly eradicate them from our lives. At FromScratch, we believe that both ways propose two different yet complementary experiences and that the combination of both can increase the possibilities. Our expertise in the creation of tangible supports combined with digital tools enables us to offer unique creations to our clients with a strong added value. Our digital competencies range from augmented reality up to virtual reality.

Augmented Reality

As the name indicates, augmented reality enhances our real world by bringing elements of the virtual world into it. This technology uses our existing natural environment and simply overlays virtual information on top of it. These virtual data can be a useful tool to provide assistance in everyday activities but they can also distort reality and simply offer a fun experience with your brand to your clients. An example would be selfie filters with facial recognition, or Pokémon Go. There are numerous AR technologies, thus offering companies countless possibilities. Markerless and marker-based AR are the most popular types of AR.

Markerless AR

This technique uses a GPS, which is included in the device of your choice and exploits the data based on your location. This technology is easily accessible with smartphones thanks to the location detection features that they provide. FromScratch can help your brand use this technology and find concepts that involve mapping directions, finding nearby locations, and other location-centric mobile applications or games.

Marker-based AR

Marker-based AR requires a camera and some type of marker, such as a QR code, to activate or access the augmented reality. This technology clearly shows the complementarity of print and digital supports and brings about a large set of possible concepts. FromScratch offers quality solutions and can create a unique tangible support complemented by a digital experience, both designed in a way that will convey your brand’s message in a fun and interactive way.


Virtual Reality

Everyone has already gotten himself lost in a book or has been daydreaming. VR takes it a step further and allows you to experience a world that does not exist for real. Seen as a recent and niche technology, virtual reality is nevertheless more and more accessible and travelling to a whole different world has never been easier.

An entire headset with special lenses is no longer the only away to experience virtual reality. Nowadays cardboard or plastic glasses in which you mount your smartphone suffice! You simply open the experience on your smartphone, put it into the glasses and hold them to your face, and you are transported into another world. FromScratch can help you create an experience for your next event or a game that people can play at home.