Gamification is the process of integrating the logic of games into other domains such as education, work-life, social services and so on. It is a relatively new term that has come into use from 2010 onwards. However, as games always have been a simulation of real life, the concept of gamification is not a totally new one. For example, companies have been handing out the prize of ‘employee of the month’ for a very long time. This is in itself a gamification technique, but it hasn’t been called that until recently. It has started to be called gamification and to become a real trend when the huge potential behind it was recognized.

What is in it for your business?

Gamification is a big sensation right now and there are plenty of good reasons to gamify your next campaign, promotion or product advertisement. It can be implemented both in print and digital communication or even as an experience at an event or public place. The 4 key benefits are an increase in sales, more loyal customers, word of mouth marketing and huge customer data.

Customer Loyalty

Thanks to gamification strategies, you can spark the interest of users actively by everyday tasks or rewards. This will empower a long-lasting engagement and people will remember your brand long after the interaction. Moreover, customers tend to develop an emotional connection with the brand when they are more engaged. Consequently, it will increase their loyalty and positive feeling towards your business as they will start to feel like they’re part of it.


The social and competitive aspects of the gamified content will encourage users to suggest it to their families, friends, or colleagues. Thus, more people will become familiar with your company. As a result, the overall brand awareness will be boosted.

Increase Sales

As a result of the two benefits listed above, you will drive more sales and you will have a better return on investment. People will wonder and think more about your brand and they will buy more of your products.

Customer Data

In the case of an online game, gamification is a good way to gather customer data, as most of the games require login information such as names, email addresses, gender and so on. You will also be able to collect the information about their clicks, time spent on the interaction, and social media accounts. This will help you to have some insight into your clients and it is up to you to leverage this valuable data!

To obtain an effective gamification marketing solution, you should make sure that it is planned in detail and well-executed. The methods and techniques may vary from one company to another. At FromScratch, our team carries out the planning and the execution carefully. Our team also provides you with the best, personalized solution.

Gamification can be applied to many products and services. Contact us to learn more!