It’s more and more difficult for companies to find innovative solutions for their communication. This is why FromScratch helps you to stand out from the competition thanks to unique products. And what is more unique than telling your own story?

Storytelling means using a narrative to connect with your customers. It has been proven that stories instantly get a person’s attention and that they stimulate brain activity. Throughout history, people have always connected and bonded over stories. This is why it is a great way to reach your customers and share your values with them. As a bonus, people who share your values will be more loyal customers.

Storytelling offers some key advantages:

Bringing your brand to life

Transforming your message into a narrative makes it very pleasant for people to engage with. They will recognize the story structure and be attracted by it. The support can be even more interactive thanks to the creation of a specific character or mascot, for example. Most of all, your consumers and employees will learn about your core values without the feeling of reading an advertisement. This way, your target audience will have the opportunity to understand what defines your brand and what subjects are close to your heart.

Creating longlasting relationships

Consumers are surrounded by traditional advertisements and often try to avoid them as much as possible. However, when they engage with your story, they will remember the experience for a long time. Thanks to this unique experience, the reader will no longer see your brands in the same way as other brands but will take a real interest in you and the values you have in common. This is the perfect way to establish your brand identity.

Combining storytelling and gamification

If your objective is to target a younger and more familial audience, we also have a solution for you. It is possible to combine your story with additional games which will complete your storytelling. This will allow you to communicate with a younger audience in a more interactive way. Moreover, the parents will most likely help their children to go through the story and the games, so they will get involved in your story and learn more about your company, which once again increases your visibility.

Boosting your internal communication and/or employer branding

Finally, storytelling can be a good way to improve your internal communication and boost your recruitment. Indeed, storytelling can be a creative way for a brand to express its gratitude towards its employees, but also to share its know-how. As for the recruitment of employees, telling your story will allow the potential candidates to understand how you define your company and what values you have in common.