Our Time at the DMEXCO fair

On the 11th and 12th of September, 3 of our colleagues left Brussels for 2 days to exhibit at DMEXCO (digital marketing expo and conference) in Cologne. And we were not the only ones…. In total there were over 1.000 exhibitors, 550 speakers and more than 41.000 visitors. DMEXCO is obviously Europe’s leading event for digital business. If you’re familiar with our concept you might think: ‘’FromScratch on a digital marketing expo and conference? Don’t they do mostly books?’’. Well yes, that is true. We are specialised in goodies for children and families and do mostly books. However there is another side to our product, we are focusing more and more on AR (Augmented reality) to implement this in our products and to develop tailor-made games for our clients. We want to marry our high quality physical product with the digital side of things. Curious how we’ve already been doing that? Take a look at this video:

At DMEXCO we had our stand at the start-up village and luckily we stood out among the crowd with our colourful stand. Because we had brought our products and specially made goodies it was possible for us to give something to the interested people stopping by. It was nice to see that even though we were one of the odd ones out among all the technological start ups we could still grab the attention of the visitors and we’re able to tell more about FromScratch. As I mentioned earlier, there were over 550 speakers at DMEXCO and we of course saw this as an opportunity to learn. We visited multiple stages with speakers from BBC, VICE, T-Mobile Germany and many more. Different trends and developments were talked about, developments were being discussed and they looked back on predictions made a couple of years ago about life in 2018. For FromScratch DMEXCO was a good way to meet new clients, to learn from the speakers and to have looked at the possibilities there are for us as a company in Germany.

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