Prevention and sensitization

What is so complex in the case of prevention and sensitization, is to make sure that people adopt the right behavior and the right mentality change takes place. This means sometimes people even have to change their beliefs.

Impossible you say? Nevertheless, you are perfectly capable of imagining a unicorn even though you have never seen one. But no one can possibly remember all that information? Nevertheless, humanity has proven to be capable of sharing stories across centuries and generations.

At FromScratch, we believe in the power of the imagination and of stories. We take whatever problem or complexity our client is dealing with and we incorporate it into a custom universe, that we create from scratch, for you. Through gamification and stories, FromScratch makes sure your target audience becomes active and will participate in your message.

The result:

  • Thanks to our creativity, your message will be shared and retold: you gain ambassadors and the desired mentality change takes place
  • Thanks to these changed attitudes, we help you to reduce your long-term costs
  • Thanks to an inciting prevention and sensitization campaign, we will help you to make sure your target adopts the right behavior, increasing everyone’s safety