Creating an adventure for kids at the Atomium

The Atomium is a 102 m tall landmark building in Brussels. It welcomes about half a million visitors each year. To make the exposition more attractive for kids, we came up with an adventure that they can experience in the Atomium.

Meet AJ Waterkeyn: scientist, time-traveler, and a big fan of the 1950s. She traveled back to 1958 to experience the World Exposition that took place at the Atomium at that moment but she got stuck! The challenge? Find the code we need in order to bring her back to the present.

We placed a machine in the lobby of the Atomium in which we placed small guide books in 3 languages that guide kids through the adventure. Visitors can take the book for free and take it with them into the exposition. Throughout the exposition, they have to solve the questions in the book to find the final code that allows them to bring back AJ. If they succeed, they can prove that they helped save AJ by taking a selfie with a life-size image of our heroine at the end of their visit.

The book and the expedition make the expo more interesting for kids and teach them about the history of the Atomium at their level. Through the questions and riddles, they learn about history, technology, and culture in a fun way.

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