At the end of the year, Beiersdorf wanted to hold a fun contest for their consumers. When they bought 3 Hansaplast products, they could win tickets to 3 different Belgian theme parks: Bellewaerde, Walibi, or the Caves of Han. Since Beiersdorf wanted to please all their consumers with this promotional action, and not only those that eventually won a ticket, they also wanted to offer a premium which would serve as a support for the form people had to fill in to win a ticket. We created a book for them to please children of different ages: a hide-and-seek. The book contains 10 big drawings with many details and characters in which you have to find some specific characters. Because of the funny situations and humorous details, the book is also fun for older kids and adults.

The book was presented at different points of sales in displays for customers to take with them when they were buying Hansaplast products. Inside of the books, there were forms for them to fill in in order to win entry tickets. This allowed Beiersdorf to gather consumers’ information for their database. Beiersdorf obtained excellent results, the book fitted right in with their Point of Sales Excellence strategy and was received very well by consumers.