Making travelling less stressful for families at Brussels Airport

During busy holiday periods, Brussels Airport sets up a Family Waiting line in order to offer a smooth experience to travelers, both tourists and others. There is an arch that is decorated in a festive way in the style of a license, such as the Smurfs or Disney and travelers receive a small gift.

We developed a Smurfs coloring book with a custom Brussels Airport cover. It is a small book, on A5 format, because people already have enough stuff to carry around when they are traveling, but because of the branding on the cover, this small gadget still has a big marketing impact.

The book was appreciated a lot by travelers, but Brussels Airport wanted to offer them an experience at the airport to make their trip even more enjoyable. We developed a poster with a treasure hunt: there are pictures of different parts of the airport on a poster, and kids need to locate them on the map. Additionally, thanks to the map they have access to exclusive discounts!

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