Helping Capri-Sun to create a fun experience for kids

We worked with Capri-Sun France (a Coca-Cola brand) for the first time in 2016, when we created activity books for them in different formats. Since their consumers loved them so much, we have created new content for them each year. In total, we have created more than 5 different titles, good for over 500.000 copies. Through collaborations with licenses such as Trolls and “Petit Spirou”, we made sure the premium would be loved by kids as they get to play with their favorite characters.

These books are distributed in different ways: fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, movie theatres, etc. To create a custom experience for each of Coca-Cola’s clients, we developed different tailor-made covers for the same content, customized for each place of distribution. The books are a fun premium that allows using storytelling marketing to reach Capri-Sun’s main target group, namely families.

Because Coca-Cola wanted the entire family to enjoy the book together, and not just the kids, we added a board game on a poster in the center of the book. We integrated pawns and a die in the cover to be cut out. This way, up to 4 people, among whom the children’s parents, can play and interact with the book at the same time.

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