Providing a tailor-made souvenir for Europa Park

Europa Park is a theme park in Southern Germany with areas based on different European countries and cultures, creating a holiday atmosphere. But why should the experience stop when people leave the park at the end of the day? Europa Park wanted to offer a book that would allow guests to continue in this international spirit, and learn more about Europe at the same time.

We created a fun and educational atlas to take readers on a journey through Europe. Together with the park’s mascot, Ed Euromaus, children learn about different cultures, flags, geographical features, etc. All the information is presented in an attractive and fun way, with lots of stickers, pictures, drawings, and a big map in the center of the book on which they can stick the flags of each country. Without even realizing it, children will read and learn a wealth of information. At the same time, it is an indispensable marketing tool for Europa Park, extending guests’ visit long after they left the park and tempting them to come back another time.