Futuroscope is a French theme park all about multimedia and futuristic experiences. For their thirtieth birthday, they wanted to do something special. They let guests write their dreams, wishes or questions about the future on post-its in the park. We took twenty of these post-its and created a book around them. On each double page there is on the left a question and an illustration around this question, and on the right, there is an explanation around the theme of the question is explored in a little text.

This is a real family book: the explanations can be a bit too technical for kids, but will surely be enjoyed by their parents; while the colored drawings will attract kids’ attention while their parents explain them the content of the book. The book consists of 48 pages, has custom drawings, and scientifically researched text. That’s why this luxury edition wasn’t given out for free but is sold in the Futuroscope gift shop.