Putting Guerlain’s know-how and tradition on display

Guerlain is a traditional, luxurious perfume brand. Their marketing team wanted to reach a younger audience and appeal to young mothers as well, for example. That’s why they came to us. It was very important for them to distinguish their brand as one of the oldest families of perfume makers, who have a great knowledge of the traditional process. We proposed to develop a storytelling on their brand. We wrote a story that shows the consumer where the ingredients of their perfume come from and emphasizes the traditional and complex character of the process.

The story

The book tells the story of Mr. Guerlinade, a perfume maker who is furiously looking for the “Perfectly Perfect Perfume”. He looks in every book he can find, but his perfumes never turn out quite as perfect as he would like them to be. Eventually, a little bee, Miss Bzz, comes to the rescue. The bee is one of the most iconic elements in Guerlain’s identity. It is part of the design of one of their most well-known perfume bottles, and of course, they are essential to pollinate the flowers that make up the ingredients of their perfumes. That is why we chose to make a bee the key to the story. Miss Bzz manages to tear Mr. Guerlinade away from his beloved books and shows him during a journey through nature that he will never find the solution in his books, but he needs to turn to nature and its beauty.

The enchanting pencil drawings in the book reflect Guerlain’s know-how and the traditional way they still produce their perfumes. The exquisite details will capture readers again and again. Apart from the poetic story, the book also contains activities. This allows the reader to actively take part in Mr. Guerlinade’s quest. The physical book itself is extra luxurious as well: we added a soft-touch varnish on the cover so the book is very pleasant to the touch. The size of the book isn’t standard either so that it is really a unique edition.

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