Hilton Hotel Brussels

The Hilton Hotel in Brussels wanted to have a little gadget to give out to families who are staying in the hotel. Since they are at the heart of Belgium, they wanted to give their communication a Belgian identity as well. This is why they chose the Smurfs as main characters.

As they welcome guests from all over the world, they didn’t know quite which language to choose. We solved this problem by proposing only very simple activities that are easily understood just by looking at the drawings. The result is a unique little book, with different activities and drawings to color in. Not long after we delivered the first print run, we already received news that they were out of books. So kids clearly have been loving their unique little souvenir!

Further, we also created placemats for them to use in their own restaurant. These keep kids busy at the table so they won’t get bored during dinner. Kids have to look for certain specific Smurfs and objects in between all the different Smurfs on the big drawing. A simple product, but sure to make parents’ lives easier!