Making the Libramont Fair family-friendly

The Fair of Libramont is the biggest agricultural fair in Belgium. It is the place to discover all innovations in farming equipment, care for livestock, or nature conservation. It is visited both by professionals from the field, and families. Each year the fair revolves around a specific theme. 2019’s theme was “Who will build our cities in the future?”, focusing on the use of new building techniques and durable materials. They weren’t sure how they were going to explain this abstract theme to their youngest visitors, though.

This is why we proposed an activity book with a mascot that gives a face to the theme. We made the technical and scientific information accessible by transforming them into games. We created two characters, Maple and Ivy, who guide the kids through the book and personify the themes. Thanks to the fun activities they learn about the way trees grow, which type of wood is used for which type of construction, etc.

The book was handed out for free at the fair to kids and it was very much appreciated. It permitted the Fair to further establish their role as an educational and innovative event which showcases what the future of the agricultural sector will look like, both to professionals and the general public. Additionally, by specifically addressing their younger visitors, they position themselves as an attractive summer outing for families.

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