Reaching voters in a new way for the Open MR

Open MR is the local department of the MR and the Open VLD at Sint-Pieters-Woluwe in Brussels. For the communal elections of 2018, they wanted to communicate in a way that is a bit different than the way most political parties do traditionally. That is why they challenged us to apply our expertise in playful communication on content destined for adults for once.

A brochure

The first project was a brochure that meant to introduce the candidates and the party’s viewpoints to citizens. We proposed a folded poster on glossy paper, featuring a map of the community with pictures of the candidates on one side, and a quiz about their viewpoints on the other. This way, readers interact with the party’s viewpoints instead of passively reading them over. This means they will remember it better afterward.

Party program

The next project was their party program. For this, we needed a more extensive publication. The biggest challenge was to present a complicated program which consisted of long texts in a fresh and modern way. To achieve a text that is concise an clear, but also clearly shows that the Open MR has done their homework and is very involved with its community, we thoroughly wrote and rewrote the texts together. Every page highlights a certain issue in the community that the Open MR would like to solve. We added pictures of the community, as well as illustrations, around the texts to highlight their meaning and to make sure people would recognize their own town in the book.

The reactions on the program have been overwhelmingly positive:

“No one has ever seen a program that is this well-executed. The congratulations are flowing in.

The feedback of some inhabitants: ‘The editing and layout are beautifully done. The document is very pleasant to read and its contents are clear. It is a dynamical program with clear priorities. It is very exhaustive and thorough.’

‘I am impressed by the quality of the program. Especially because of the layout: it is almost a work of art thanks to the different illustrations, the fonts, the use of color… It is magnificent!’

Everyone appreciates it very much.

Thank you very much, all of you! You have been creative and professional. You have listened to our wishes and executed the work with great attention to detail!” – Alexia Bertrand, Head of the Open MR list


The entire program can be consulted on their website

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