Boosting Pritt sales by offering a fun gift to teenagers

Pritt, a Henkel brand, wanted to do a fun promotion for teens for their Poster Buddies in Belgium. They had two challenges for us: the promo had to appeal to a slightly older audience than our usual target audience and the item had to fit into the small Poster Buddy packaging. We opted for a door hanger using the emoji license. Teens need to study and might want to be alone from time to time. They can show this to their family using the door hanger. Further, emoji are sure to appeal to this age group that never puts down their smartphone.

The side that indicates “Do not enter” says “I’m becoming awesome” instead of “I’m studying”. We wanted to emphasize the fact that learning should be fun and that it contributes to your personal development. We evoked all kinds of different subjects using emojis and made sure to incorporate things such as art, music, and hairdressing to include all possible talents.

The other side tells people they can come in because the teen is done studying. We suggest they can be proud and might even deserve a little reward, such as a snack. The whole product is meant to evoke a fun atmosphere around studying to try to make this annoying task easier for teens.


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