Establish the image of Proximus as a partner of sports and families

Proximus is the sponsor of the Proximus League, the second division of football in Belgium. In this league, there are 8 teams. They wanted a fun goodie to give out to fans during different events such as the fan days, or before and after games. We developed a coloring book for which we created custom drawings of each team. Fans will recognize their team’s gift shop, mascot, stadium, etc. in there. On each page, the Proximus sponsoring is clearly visible on bleachers, flags, …

In the middle of the book, there is a poster featuring an empty soccer playing field with the Proximus logo on the bleachers, and a sheet of stickers. Thanks to the big poster, Proximus gets a permanent place in people’s houses. The stickers are of a special material that is made to be colored in. This way, each child can color them in the colors of their favorite team and then create their own game situations by sticking them onto the poster.

Proximus was very happy with these goodies, they were “THE gadget during the summer”, and kids were “super excited when they saw that their book was personalized for their favorite team”. Finally, “the promotional impact was much greater than with another gadget because the Proximus logo is on every page and families spend so much time with your brand while coloring in the drawings”.


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