Quick is a fast food chain that is active in Belgium and France. They offer kids’ meals with a little gift included inside the box. They have two boxes: the Magic Box for little kids, and the Fun Box for older kids. We developed two different books that were used as a gift in these boxes.

Since Belgium has both a French-speaking and a Dutch-speaking part, it was easier to choose concepts that don’t need any text on the inside of the book. This way, we didn’t have to separate the order into two versions.

For the younger kids, we made educational coloring books with drawings of all sorts of animals. There are number, letter and shape codes that tell kids how they should color in each part and teach them to recognize these elements. For the older kids, we made a “hide and seek” book. On each double page, there is a big drawing with an abundance of small characters and objects. Kids have to find certain characters in the drawing. This will keep them busy for hours while training their observational skills. Additionally, even adults tend to still find this amusing!