Assisting Spa in becoming a reference as safe water for young kids

The Belgian water brand Spa wanted a gift for their clients’ children who would receive the gadget on their 4th birthday. We developed a tailor-made activity book around their mascot, Arthur the little duck, and his friends. The activities are based on the Montessori teaching method, so every one of them serves an educational purpose. Alongside the games, there are little explanations informing kids about the importance of drinking plenty of water.

In the middle of the book, there is a sticker sheet. Some of them are to be used in the activities, others can be used wherever. Furthermore, there are 2 extra flaps on the cover on which a memory game is printed that can be cut out. This way, kids can play together with their parents while training their memory.

The result is a beautiful high-quality book that will stay in kids’ libraries for a long time. At the same time, it is a strong marketing tool through which Spa creates wonderful moments for the entire family to enjoy together.

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