Yoco (Nestlé)

Yoco is a yogurt brand that makes small fruit yogurts for kids. Recently they developed a new mascot, a friendly cow. Our challenge was to come up with a way to create a book that would present this new mascot, but which would fit into their packaging, since it is very hard to create displays in the refrigerator of a supermarket. This means that everyone who bought one packages of yogurt, received a book for free. The result is a little book that is perfect for little kids’ hands, filled with simple games that teach kids how to count, recognize shapes, and more.

How to stand out in the supermarket

The next challenge was to find a way to show consumers there was a gift in the package. Again, this is not so easy in the refrigerator. We created a brightly colored sticker to be put on the front of the packaging so that passing consumers would immediately notice it.