What’s your story: advertising through storytelling

We all have stories from our childhood that we cherish and pass onto others by retelling them. Even though we loved stories as children, our liking for stories continues throughout our life, that can be shown by our obsession with movies and fiction novels. Since the beginning, the human mind has been fascinated by stories. From ancient mythology to legends and folk stories, mankind kept telling and retelling stories. That is because stories evoke emotions in people, and they tend to relate to characters and their circumstances.

How storytelling can increase your brand visibility:

Effective marketing is about coming up with creative ways to communicate with your customers. Storytelling is one of the most innovative and effective communication tools, that is why integrating storytelling in your marketing strategy results in various benefits for your business.

Firstly, storytelling helps with visibility in both new and existing markets by creating a unique identity for your business. This unique identity sets you apart from competitors, thereby helping you stand out. Being known for your distinctive identity in the market has many competitive advantages. For example, a customized character representing your business can become the face of your brand. Thus, storytelling can prove beneficial in brand creation and awareness.

Secondly, storytelling creates space for innovation and customization. You can create multiple advertising campaigns by playing around with the character and their story. Want to have a campaign on sustainability? Your character is shown reducing plastic usage. Christmas Holidays? Your character now misses home.

Furthermore, decisions of customers are highly influenced by emotions and stories appeal to those emotions, igniting a sense of curiosity and interest. This trigger in emotion will result in the customer favoring your business. Therefore, an engaging story about your brand will have a positive impact on the customer’s opinion about your brand and ultimately, the decision to buy your product.

Another big advantage is that customers are much more likely to remember a story associated with your brand than any random chunk of data. Stories stay in people’s minds longer than any other form of information. Therefore, if you want to be remembered by your customers in the long run, create your story. It all depends on how creative you are with integrating your brand into your story.

Additionally, campaigns that use storytelling stay in the customer’s long-term memory creating customer loyalty for your brand, which refers to the customer being the regular buyer or consumer of your product or service. Customer loyalty is created when the customer feels emotionally attached to the brand, and as previously mentioned, storytelling evokes those emotions in customers. This makes your brand more relatable and thus, makes the customer loyal to your brand.

Using storytelling to appeal to families:

Even though stories engage everyone, they have the highest impact on the minds of one group. You guessed it: the little ones. If the target group for your business is families then integrating storytelling in your advertisement strategy can prove to be very effective and useful. A recent study by the European Journal of Language and Literature Studies shows that stories play a very important role in children’s cognitive development. Their perspective on social issues begins to develop in early stages, therefore, stories become the medium for them to learn and develop an opinion about complex social terms like diversity, friendship, racism, bullying and so forth. Storytelling enables them to develop empathy, imagination and critical thinking. Children tend to internalize the ideas and lessons portrayed in the story and that is why stories are a very useful method of putting forward a message for them to learn. A child responds much better to an engaging story about a certain topic rather than simple parental advice. Teaching children about sustainability and climate change, for example, would be much easier and educationally effective if done through storytelling. If the story is accompanied by images and illustrations, it becomes even more attractive for children. Parents are always on the lookout for interesting educational content to contribute positively to their child’s development, and if your brand can provide that, it will leave a mark on their minds.

That’s where FromScratch comes in: we create interactive activities and stories with attractive pictures and characters for your brand to put your message forward in an innovative way to your customers, making sure you stand out. Want to create a unique story about your brand? We can do that for you.

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