Who said you have to choose between print and digital?

It is hardly a new idea that you have to invest in your customers’ experience if you want them to remain loyal. Customers who have a positive experience are more likely to repeat their purchase. However, the question arises whether you should communicate with them by print or digital means. What if we tell you, you don’t have to choose? In fact, the best solution is to combine both print and digital to deliver an excellent experience to your customers. Here is why.

The Digital Age

Current technology has brought customer expectations to a level that is higher than ever. Nowadays, your customers expect meaningful interactions with the brand immediately and effectively. This can be achieved through digital communication since it is fast and practical. Not surprisingly, following the digital trend is vital for businesses when you consider the number of people you can reach through digital channels. Failing to do so comes at a great price. Excluding digital advertising would mean missing an entire audience. Moreover, you won’t last long up against your fierce competitors who communicate digitally.


Print is not dead

While we need to acknowledge the rise of digital communication, don’t be misled by thinking that print is outdated. Print marketing is far from being dead and it still offers many great benefits that cannot be replicated in digital communication. First of all, it is tangible, which means your mails will not get lost in the spam folder or disappear just by one click. Print can also linger in households for weeks; months; sometimes even years and your customers can return to it whenever they want to. Moreover, the perceived value of a physical object is greater than that of a digital ad. Consumers get the impression they received a high-value gift when they have something physical in their hands.

Combination: Best of both worlds

It is important to remark that customers nowadays expect brands to communicate in every way possible. The best communication method is to combine both print and digital by offering a unique hybrid solution. You can first catch their attention with print and place some QR codes, website links or augmented reality action to reach them in a more innovative way. With a combination of both, you can make sure that even if your customers miss one ad, their attention can be caught in another way. The power of this combination cannot be underestimated. Which is why you must leverage both approaches in order to reach a broader audience.

At FromScratch, we help you to combine both of them successfully and boost your overall brand exposure.

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