Why Corporate Social Responsibility matters in today’s society

To stay competitive in today’s marketplace, brands must have a purpose behind their actions and show a desire to serve more than just their own bottom line. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than just a business trend or fad. Actually, brands with a social mission are simply what today’s consumers expect. While planning your next promotional product, you should consider the fact that consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 have a more favorable opinion of brands that give out environmentally-responsible promotional products.

As you visualize what your brand stands for and what it should represent to consumers, a social mission adds another layer of depth and realism to your narrative and it boosts sales and loyalty. Developing an authentic and socially conscious brand story will help to set you apart from your competitors but also to instill in your employees a motivation to stand up for human causes.

How can you develop a consistent and positive CSR mission?

1. Make it a part of the Company’s DNA

While your brand’s products should be what you’re known for, your social mission should be a close second. Customers should also think about the social mission your brand represents when they see it.

2. Work With People Who Believe in the Mission

Employees who believe in their organization’s mission and projects will invest more in their work. Moreover, any CEO should think to build a great culture with a focused mission.

3. Stay Committed

Once you defined your CSR mission, look for initiatives that fit into this overarching mission. Keep the mission in mind in all aspects of your business and the good cause will become synonymous with your brand.

Building bonds with the community perfectly represents our ambition at FromScratch. Creating educational and interactive books for families and children is a part of our ethical approach to communication that promotes the values of a brand. Offering them as promotional gifts, our books build an important bridge between our clients and society. Your company can communicate more effectively about its CSR efforts by informing people in a fun an educational way, creating brand ambassadors who love your brand as much as you do.

Digital vs. Print

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