Why gamification is the best way to engage your audience

Gamification is a way of engaging people more. It motivates your audience to participate by turning them into gamers. It may consist of many elements like digital badges, feedback, meaningful stories, levels, encouraging rules, teams, time pressure and many more. In short, it is integrating all sorts of elements you would usually find in a (video) game into your message.

If it is used for marketing purposes, a well-executed gamification strategy will allow companies to increase sales, customer loyalty, and word-of-mouth marketing. It will also boost employee engagement and success when it is used for internal communication. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to teach!

Gamification has become a real success as it leverages the motivations and desires that exist in everyone and in every community. What are these motivations and desires?

Gamification gives people a sense of accomplishment and rewards them for their efforts

Games divide big goals into smaller goals and reward users for each accomplishment. In this way, they provide immediate satisfaction and encourage people to complete small pieces on the road to an ultimate goal. In order to make people feel like heroes, often the ultimate goal in these games is something greater than the daily life ones, like ‘saving the planet or humanity’. Moreover, since in real life, it often takes time to see the result of your hard work, people can fulfill their desire to be successful through games. These rewards do not necessarily need to be real, they are often game related.

Gamification uses the urge of competition while keeping it fun

Many people have a high intrinsic motivation to enjoy the competition and outperform others. The fun and competitive elements games appeal to these internal drives. Introducing Facebook friends and leader boards are examples of competitive elements. If you have ever played a game that includes FB friends, I am sure you can relate how crazy these leaderboards can be. It is because the urge to compete is even higher when you play against people you know.

Thanks to gamification people feel like they’re in control

Gamification gives users the sense of being in control, thus it is a sort of escape from the real-life stress and worries that arise from uncertainties. Being in control also brings a feeling of ownership. Thus, people will be playing day after day to make their character or home better. Similarly, applying these concepts in your communication strategies will make people come back to it and share it with friends. In addition, people are less willing to do something if they are obliged to. However, thanks to games they will engage with the system, promotion, or application only because they want to.

Trust our team’s expertise for your gamification strategy

You should make sure to include some of these features in your marketing strategy in order to make it engaging, long-lasting and successful. The methods and techniques may vary from one company to another. Although it might not seem so difficult, gamification requires detailed planning, good execution, and experience. At FromScratch, our team of experts carefully carries out the planning and the execution of your project and provides you with the best, personalized solution. Contact us to get started!

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