Zeynep: a marketing intern’s experience at FromScratch

I have reached my last week at FromScratch. Before starting to talk about how my journey has been going, I would like to first touch on how it actually started. I have been in Belgium for two years and I thought that it was time to enhance this international study experience with a first professional experience. For this purpose, I attended an internship fair organized in my school to find an opportunity that interested me. This is where I met FromScratch. I was quite impressed by the work they have done and the companies they have worked with. I remember that I had a very sincere and motivating talk with Lisanne. You can see the positive impression (big smile!) I had during our talk. I couldn’t wait too long to follow up our conversation, so I sent an e-mail directly. After a couple of e-mails, one phone call, and one in-person meeting, I was hired as a summer intern.

The past 3 months have been an enriching period during which I had the chance to learn from a young, inspiring and dynamic team. I didn’t even see the time pass. From the first day, the FromScratch team made me feel warmly welcomed and encouraged me to be involved as much as I can and to take some responsibility. The friendly and caring workplace culture motivated me to do my best.

I have been helping the team with their inbound marketing strategies, for that purpose I have been crafting blog posts, creating content for social media, come up with new ideas to grow our brand awareness. Besides that, I had a chance to learn about LinkedIn ads, to attend brainstorming meetings and to experience the first event organized by FromScratch on the topic of sustainability. I believe being involved in many steps is one of the many perks of working for a start-up company: direct communication with every team member, recognition of every little effort, appreciation of speaking up… I consider myself lucky to have this very first professional experience with FromScratch.

I am glad that I gave up on having a lazy summer and decided to take some steps forward to my future. My experience at FromScratch helped me to gain confidence as a professional and prepared me surely for my future career.

This has been an excellent journey for me and I would like to thank everyone who contributed to it!

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